​​Meet the Presenter

Michele Burghardt, Founder of The Savvy Mind

                                                           It’s easy to be considered an expert,   when, like
                                                           Michele; you are able to use proven scientific
                                                           techniques from neurolinguistics programming
                                                          and hypnotherapy to help hundreds of
                                                          individuals transform their lives and make more
                                                          money. Because our brain controls everything
                                                          we do, Michele helps you align your Belief
                                                          Barometer with your goals so you attract
                                                          success and abundance easily and effortlessly.      

'Get Unstuck' 

So You Can Make More Money

20-Minute Webinar Short
Are you tired of struggling with your business. . . all-the-time?  Do you feel like you're doing everything right but some invisible force is holding you back?​ I get it and can explain it so you'll know it's Not Your Fault & Yes, You Can Change It!!!!!

If you've got 20 minutes I invite you to watch my brand-new webinar. Join other entrepreneurs who are shifting their mindset and  creating the life of their dreams one day at a time.

During this 20-Minute Webinar Short You Will Learn

your mindset controls your money, and how to change it so you can make more.

invisible blocks keep us stuck, and how to bust through yours so you can grow your business.

‘staying stuck’ is our default program, and how you can become unstoppable in 3 easy steps.

you’ll receive a copy of Michele’s 50 Favorite Affirmations to Attract Abundance.

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