Hi, my name is Michele Burghardt. I am a certified hypnotherapist and coach, certified in neurolinguistic programming, a 20+ year entrepreneur,

and a published author. I help individuals and corporate teams make positive changes in their personal and professional lives by providing
information PLUS transformation. 

My background is definitely diverse. I started in the personal and professional development field over 20 years ago when I had the largest
practice in the metro area. I was honored to help hundreds of people transform their lives by changing their habits, behaviors, and beliefs with
the help of hypnotherapy.  After the tragedy of 9/11,  I closed my business and moved on to other entrepreneurial pursuits.

After experiencing the tragic loss of my daughter and getting divorced after 37 years of marriage, I found myself lacking the confidence I
needed to earn enough money to support myself. I tried everything but nothing worked and I was still stuck. I knew I had to figure it out quickly or I would be living with my 87 year-old mom, and neither one of us wanted that. (Love you mom!)

So I went searching for help.  I came across some research that explained how 95% of your success depends on your beliefs that are guided by your subconscious mind. BOOM!!! This explained so much!  This taught me that the only thing holding me back was me.   I had to take back control of my thoughts and behaviors. 

So I went back to my personal development roots and began using success science techniques to update my brain’s perception about my goals. If these techniques worked for me, I knew they could work for anyone.  And They Did.   Feel free to look at my testimonials. My unique process works. 

I returned to the professional/personal development field  full-time because I realized that the same limiting beliefs I had could impact your ability to lose weight, quit smoke,  make a sales call, etc.  I found there were so many people who were stuck like I had been.  

But this time I knew we needed information PLUS transformation. That's when I decided to combine my prior skills and expertise along with these really exciting scientific techniques to develop a process which helps you rebuild your confidence, overcome any mental blocks you may have, and reach your goals - whatever they might be.  

My hypnosis coaching process is different because it retrains the subconscious mind and helps you to shift your behaviors, habits, and beliefs shift from scarcity and doubt to confidence, worthiness, and success.  You can you this same process for any goal. 

Now you can choose how and where you receive your services. You can stay at home in your slippers and use Zoom technology on any device for your one-to-one sessions, or you can come to my home office in Florissant, MO or my client office in Columbia, IL. I've also developed several different corporate programs for client appreciation workshops and professional development.  


The keys to your success is the transformation piece that comes from the hypnosis process. This, along with your personal access to me as your mindset expert and coach helps you reach your goal easily and effortlessly.  You’ll always get a straight to the point, honest feedback about your progress and your shifts.   Because you're updating your internal and external success map at the same time, you're making positive changes on the organic level.


My process is most successful for those individuals who are absolutely serious about making a change, are ready to take action, and willing to do something different.   You’ll want to be open to a different kind of coaching because this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  You'll also receive practical tools and tips so you’ll be expected to take serious and consistent action.  My process is a different way of thinking and you receive my full support while you make the shifts that impact your success in any area that you choose.  

If you want to 'prove that it doesn't work' please don't make an appointment, because it won't. Yes, you can dig your heels in and not let the process take it's natural course. We all have a tendency to forget how powerful our brain is. If we'll let it - it can help us achieve anything.


​​In addition to making changes on the conscious and subconscious level so you can reach your goals, you'll see so many additional benefits.  As you update your behaviors, habits, thoughts, and beliefs - you'll find yourself more open and ready to try new things and expand your horizons. Here are some of the additional benefits you may experience: 

Bonus Benefits

  • More laughing
  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased energy


The brain works incredibly fast so you may experience some changes after just one session. If you don’t – no worries. Changing your mindset is a skill that you get better at the more you do it. We discuss your goals at your first session. And at that time I'll be able to give you an educated guesstimate of what time-frame we may be looking at.


Please do! I invite you to visit my testimonials page, it gets updated all the time.  


Because we all have a mind of our own, I'm not able to guarantee your results. That's why I do suggestibility testing before we get started. If I don't think you're a good candidate I'll be sure to tell you and may be able to refer you to someone else.

I can guarantee my service. If, after your first session you don't feel  like you were at least able to relax and de-stress during the process, no fees are charged at all.

From everything I've read and heard Michele, I know You are the coach I want to help me reach my goals.  How do I get started?

Congratulations on making a decision to make some positive changes in your personal or professional life. Here's what you want to do next:

  • Click Here to schedule your first appointment.
    During  your session you'll complete a questionnaire, we'll talk about your goals, you'll learn more about the hypnosis process and do some suggestibility testing to make sure you're open to the process. Then we'll do your session. Your first session is 90-minutes and $180. Any additional sessions are 60 minutes in length at $150.
  • Call for more information:
    If you're not sure your situation is a good fit for my process, schedule a free 15-minute call with me. We'll talk about you and your goals and I'll give you my opinion whether or not hypnosis-coaching is a good next step for you. If it is, we'll discuss our tactics to get you to you goal the easiest and fastest way.
  • And you’re off . . .


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