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Hi, my name is Michele Burghardt. I am an abundance and mindset coach, with a certification in in consulting hypnotherapist and a B.A. in
Business Management. It is my pleasure to be your tour guide for this amazing process.  When people ask me what drew me to  coaching, I
smile ​because it’s been a long and winding road.

My background is definitely diverse. I started my first company when I was 24 and fell in love with being an entrepreneur. Throughout my 20
years of entrepreneurial experience I started and sold companies, one of which was the largest hypnotherapy practice is my region.  I was
privileged to be the founder of not-for-profit organizations, provided marketing consulting services for client companies, worked with start-ups
​as well as mature organizations and a professional services firm. I have a clear understanding of what it's like to sell into a B2B and B2C
environment. As you can see, I am and have been an entrepreneur for a long time – so I am talking from experience here. I totally  understand
he problems entrepreneurs face every day. I understand the pain points and the emotional challenge of getting to the next level.  

Throughout my entire career, I considered my earnings a second income so it didn’t bother me (too much) that I wasn’t setting the house on fire.  I did okay, but never really 'made it big'. Oh I knew I was smart & all that, I just wasn’t’ really that concerned.

Until the bottom fell out of my life.

In the course of 18 months I lost my daughter, and then as a result – my husband to alcohol. Unfortunately after 37 years, we divorced. So there I was– a woman over 50, who for the first time ever had to make some serious money in order to be self-supportive. That was huge. Right then I knew if I didn’t do something dramatic I would be working somewhere for minimum wage, and that just wasn’t the image I had of myself.

I had already tried working in a variety of industries, and with my marketing background of course I tried the hot new marketing trends.  I even got more sales training.  I thought I knew doing everything right. But nothing changed. I was still struggling the way I always had.

I knew I needed to make some changes - fast. During my quest for a solution, I came across some research that explained how 95% of my success is guided by my subconscious mind. BOOM!!! This explained so much!

That’s when I knew it wasn’t my mechanics that needed fixing – because I knew I nailed the technical aspects of selling my services. It was my brain that needed an overhaul. I learned the only thing holding me back was me. You see, I had never been taught to believe I could, or even should make a lot of money,  or that it was okay to be rich. I’m from the Mid West  and my family believed that you just put your head down, worked hard, and accepted was came your way.

When I took a look at my situation and lined it up with this huge AH-HA moment about my mindset, I knew I had to take control over my finances. So I began using different scientific techniques that were successful in retraining the brain’s perception about money and abundance. If they worked for me I knew they could work for anyone. And They Did.

To make sure it just wasn’t a fluke I shared these techniques with other entrepreneurs who were having the same problems. And they had amazing results too!  Here's two quick examples . . . Steve - who was in a totally new industry,  saw an increase in sales within two weeks. Mary - who had been in business for years, but was on the verge of getting a J-O-B because she kept hitting a wall, totally shifted her business. She’s like a totally different person today, and doesn't need to worry about new clients any more. These techniques worked!

What I didn’t understand at the time was how HUGE this problem is in Corporate America. It affects people in all industries, regardless of where they live and what they sell. After I saw how widespread the problem was I decided to use my prior skills and knowledge along with these really exciting scientific techniques to develop a program which helps people make more money by overcoming the mental blocks that are keeping them stuck.  This system is different from any other because it retrains the subconscious mind and helps you to shift your behavior patterns, thoughts and beliefs from ones of scarcity and fear to ones of confidence, worthiness, and abundance. 



The Simple Success Program is a confidential, intensive eight-week program which begins with a diagnostic tool that helps you understand where you are right now, what beliefs are holding you back from living an abundant life in all areas, and how your behavior patterns are negatively affecting your success. This assessment will help you understand what is truly limiting you so you can make permanent positive changes. During week one you take the self-test and then review the results with me.

 Week Two:  Become a Conscious Creator

During week two you will learn how to consciously create the life that you desire. You'll learn how to mentally attract success while generating the activity to make it happen. We kick-off with this topic to enable you to practice consciously creating the life you want throughout the remainder of the program.

Weeks Three, Five, Six, and Seven: Mind Mechanics

Each week your program addresses one of the six most common success stoppers facing entrepreneurs. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and include practical tools, processes, and possible homework. After you've learned some practical techniques to overcome your challenges, you'll enjoy a  shift session which will update your behaviors, habits, and beliefs on the subconscious level. Remember, the brain runs the body, and the training on this level is what makes my program so successful. Theses are the topics of exploration:

                                                            Feeling Worthy     |     Fear of Failure     |     Fear of Success     |     Self-Sabotage     |     Lack of Confidence     |     Procrastination

Weeks Four & Eight: Personal One-on-One Sessions

These two sessions are personalized just for you and are designed to address any of your unique challenges. Sessions run from 60-90 minutes in which you provide the topic. A shift session can be included if that's what you need at that time and is recorded so you can listen to it as often as you want.

Weekly Calls

In addition to your online training, each week you are invited to attend our Abundance Calls on Wednesdays from 10-11:30 am CST. This is where you can network with other members, share information, ask questions and enjoy a shift session at the end. Because I respond to the needs of our members, the topic of each shift session reflects the issues that come up during the call. 

Bonus Session : Self-Hypnosis

As an extra bonus, I've included a ninth session so you can learn how to use hypnotherapy on your own. Learning self-hypnosis will enable you to use this tool anytime you need it and apply it to any area of your life.

Lifetime Access

Once you become a member of my Simple Success Program you are a friend for life and have access to your training any time you want it. This includes all the coaching tools that are provided, plus access to any of the shift sequences that are included in each module.


Individuals just like you, who are experiencing an internal tug-of-war are joining this program. They know abundance means the whole person and they know they can do better, but they just can’t get out of their own way to make it happen. Here are just some of the types of people who excel in our program:

                                                                   Insurance Agents  |  Entrepreneurs  |  Realtors  |  Financial Planners  |  Solopreneurs  |  Consultants  |  Lawyers


Although your program occasionally refers to traditional business coachy topics such as time management, etc. the focus is on mindset and you have personal access to me as your mindset expert and coach.  You work on the inner and outer principals of success and look at your business from an organic perspective. My program is unique because it incorporates retraining the brain at the subconscious level.  And as you know the brain runs the body so if you want to make more money and attract abundance, you have to think  abundantly - first. 

This program doesn't let you settle for ‘fine’ – that just leaves too much money on the table for someone else.  You’ll always get straight to the point, honest feedback about what’s blocking your success and how to get rid of it NOW so you can start getting results you want in in record time.  I have a knack for being able to see through the minutiae and really get down to it.

I use Zoom for our sessions so you can access your training from anywhere. If you want to see my smiling face in person,  you are welcome to join me at my office located in St. Louis, Mo. for your personal one-on-one sessions.  


The Simple Success Program  was created for people who are absolutely serious about reaching aggressive goals, breaking through resistance, making more money, and are tired of wishing for a happier life. 

Because my personal expectations are so high, I work best with people who are ready to 'get it done' as well.  You’ll want to be open to different modalities of coaching because this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. There are also practical tools included so you’ll be expected to take serious and consistent action - no more excuses, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve your incredibly exciting goals of more financial success.


Because I spend one-on-one time with you, I cherry-pick who joins the program ,  choosing to (gently) turn away people who are not suited for, or have needs not addressed in this process. It wouldn’t be fair to them. The  Simple Success Program is NOT for those who are financially desperate, at least not right away. It has been discovered that people in financial crisis don't trust the process because they are worrying about where they are going to get next month’s rent or mortgage payment. If you fall within this category it’s absolutely OK. We’ve all been there at some point.  Just do yourself this favor:

Join my Think Abundantly Facebook group. You'll see exciting posts, tips,  and motivational blurbs on a regular basis.  Doing this will help you get primed for our work together. When you’re ready, we’ll get you started. I'm in no rush, and will be here when you need me.

Other types of personalities not suited for this system are skeptics, whiners, and individuals who challenge every aspect of the program.  If you aren't open to the process please don't call. This is probably not a good fit for you and you don't want to waste your time or money. Is that fair?


​​Due to the nature of the shift sessions, you'll experience enormous benefits you would never expect. But couple that with in-depth mind blowing coaching, and you'll become unstoppable. Here are some of the benefits my clients experience:

  • Increase in sales
  • Silence of the inner critic
  • Increase in visibility
  • Ability to make sales calls without sweating
  • Getting more of the important tasks done in a day
  • Clarity in what they really want out of life
  • Confidence to expand
  • Ability to ignore nay-sayers and keep going for it
  • Increased ability to gracefully handle difficult situations
  • Comfort in charging what their services are worth
  • Ability to 'let go' of criticism​

Bonus Benefits

  • You'll laugh more
  • You'll sleep better
  • Your blood pressure may go down
  • You'll feel less stressed
  • You'll have more energy


Please do! Visit my testimonials page, it gets updated all the time.  For confidentiality purposes, you may only see the client's first name and last initial.


The brain works incredibly fast so you may experience some changes immediately.  If you don’t – no worries. Changing your mindset is a skill that you get better at the more you do it.


The first step is to SHOW UP!  Be totally committed to your success. Do your homework. And understand this is a process, a proven one that works if you take action with an open mind.


Yes, a resounding Yes!  I haven't had a client yet who hasn’t made positive changes that impacted their career. Understand that I'm just your tour guide. Your brain does all the work, so just be sure to be ‘present’ when you’re here and you’ll see positive changes in various areas of your life  - some you never expected. 

From everything I've read and heard Michele, I know You are the one I want to learn from. How do I get started?

Congratulations on making a decision to make more money and create an abundant life. Here's what you want to do next:

  1. Your first action step is to click here and tell me a little bit about your situation on a brief questionnaire. This will give me some background information on you. 
  2. You'll then be directed to schedule a free strategy call with me. This call takes about 45 minutes and is all about you. We'll discuss where you are now and where you want to go - and how you can get there. By the end of your call you’ll know if you're truly ready to let go of the blocks that are holding you back and if this program is a good fit. If it's not, I'll try my best to refer you to someone better suited to help you. 
  3. Before your call you’ll be asked to watch some videos. This is a very important part of the process because it will  get you started making some mental shifts even before we talk.

And you’re off . . .                                              

If you truly are frustrated because you can't get out of your own way and attract the abundance you know you deserve, schedule your strategy call today, I can help.

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