There's No Expiration Date on Intimacy & Passion

​                                                                               Just because you're getting older, it doesn't mean that sexual health and intimacy are no longer important. Studies show
                                                                               that intimacy can actually be better than ever as we mature because the kids are either gone more, or on their own, your
                                                                               schedule is less hectic and there's less stress.  You can finally make time to get to know yourself again, if only you knew how.

                                                                                Yes, you can enjoy passion, intimacy, and romance well into your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, doctors even recommend
                                                                               maintaining an active sex life for the health benefits. But, yes, it's different than it was when you were 20. 

You may find you need more communication, longer foreplay, and sexual toys and aids to help you create and enjoy the experience.  You'll also need to address the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur as you move into menopause and the next chapter of life. But with the right attitude, this new exploration can add to the fun! 

Why intimacy coaching?

As women, we haven't always been taught to embrace our sexuality. The beliefs we were raised with follow us into adulthood
and even retirement. Couple that with menopause, less than perky boobs, and the other physical limitations we need to work
around, and ​you may believe that passion and intimacy are a thing of the past.

But that's not true.

Yes, passion and intimacy will be different, but it can also be as good, or better than ever before. It's one of the most beautiful ways of connecting with your partner that can change as easily as your needs do.  Plus it provides you with a host of other medical benefits and puts that little smile on your face - just because. 

But, you'll need a little more planning. 

Your Inner  Spark TM

I designed Your Inner SparkTM for women at the perimenopausal stage of life and beyond who want to regain or maintain their spicy, satisfying, sex life today, tomorrow, and as long as they can. My custom designed intimacy coaching program includes 8-weeks of real-life, practical, information along with tips, tools, and hypnosis sessions to help you release any negative beliefs or behaviors, build confidence, embrace your 'today' body, and more. Here is some of the topics included in your program: 

  • How to let go of old thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Gain the confidence to re-ignite your inner spark so you can enjoy sex more than ever
  • Bust through the menopause myths
  • The changing definition of intimacy 
  • How to start the conversation after all this time
  • What men think about sex and intimacy
  • His & Her medical issues and how to work around them
  • How to love your body just the way it is
  • What is feminine energy, and how it helps you emotionally connect 
  • Physical positions/techniques that decrease any pain and create more enjoyment
  • How the role of toys and aids have changed, and what's recommended for you and your partner to enhance your experience (supported by Pure Romance products)

It's an open, honest, safe, and non-judgmental environment

I began intimacy coaching because no one else  was talking about it, and when I got divorced at 60 . . . sex and intimacy became important to me. I had been in a sexless marriage and decided that I wasn't ready to shrivel up and blow away just yet. I wanted the next chapter of my life to be fun, exciting, and full of life. And I made a commitment to share what I had learned along the way.

If you want your life to be richer than it is today, if you want to deepen your connection with your partner but don't know how to do it, call me at 314.566.1418, and let's chat. Let's see if my program is a good fit for you. I didn't want to waste any more of my precious time, and I'm guessing you don't either. 

Let's Talk Soon,