Hi, my name is Michele Burghardt and I'm 61 years old and have been dating again for the last two years (divorced after a long-term marriage).  My journey has been hilarious . . . . and I'm sure your's has too. I want everyone to know that we can have fun, fulfilling, juicy lives at any age . . . . if we have the right attitude. So I'm writing a one-woman show to talk about all the ins & outs of dating when you're 50 & over.

Let's lighten up. This show shares my personal reflections and experiences with men, your funny stories, human observations, and fun coaching tidbits.The goal is to laugh, chuckle, and nod your head as you learn some real life tips on how to survive romance in this new chapter of your life. I'm almost 6' tall - don't tell me dating isn't funny. LOL

What I've discovered is that I almost shot myself in the foot with all of my independence. Because now when I want someone to treat me special so I can experience those ooey-gooey feelings again, I don't really know how to do it. How do I talk to a guy who isn't a business colleague, neighbor, or a service provider?  And if I can't talk to a man . . . how will I ever _____ a man.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, during my show I speak truth in it's rarest form so I'll probably cuss and talk dirty. I go all-in and tell you what my experience has taught me and how I'm moving forward, but we'll be laughing so you won't mind - I promise!

And the guys!!!!! OMG could they be any more clueless?????? Did they forget how to pursue a lady, or did they just never know????? I want someone to WANT ME and show me they WANT ME. And dammit I'm going to find it!! AND they won't wear sweat pants and a wife beater t-shirt on our first coffee date.

Join me in the exploration of dating when your 50 & over and experiencing the next chapter of your life. Everyone has baggage - we've lived a few years for heaven's sake and seen some **@@*??, Everyone has drama - we may or may not have family members who are seeing some **@@*?? right now, and no one looks like they did when they were 20. But thank God, we're wiser and have more insurance now.

AND . . . we can still have fun. We can get out and enjoy life, meet a special someone, spend a week-end sexploring, and do what feels good. And you know what???  We don't have a curfew!! There is no one telling us what we can and can't do. There is no one holding us back - except ourselves.  So let's fix that and get a little sassy!

The working title of my dating one-woman show is "What's the Word of the Day? . . . NEXT!"

If you want to get in excitement - send me your stories. I'm collecting stories from women just like you, from around the world. If you have a funny story to share, please feel free to submit it below. We won't be using any real names during the production - but it's a show that hopefully will get lots of press, so someone may be able to tell we're talking about them if the story is funny enough LOL. If we use your story in the production, you'll get a creative credit and a free ticket to opening night in St. Louis, MO. I'm thinking we'll be heading to production next spring/summer. Submitting your story here is implied consent to use the content and likeness.

I think it's time for women of a certain age to reclaim their fun factor and show the world just how sassy and saucy 60 + can be. Hope you join in the fun!

I'm excited about putting this show together, thank you sharing your life with me, and remember to show a little cleavage if you dare! 



"Someone asked if my show was rated PG.

My response, "Hmmmm, probably not, but it's open & honest." 

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