If we think business is all business, and it's not personal; think again. Everything we do in business is impacted by who we are and 
                                                                            what we were taught to believe about ourselves and the world around us before we reached age the age of 12.  All of us bring our
                                                                            behaviors, habits, and belief systems into the work place.  That's why it's so important that our mental programming is current and
                                                                            and up-to-date.

                                                                           Our past mental programming impacts our work performance because our results are guided by our brain's self-perception. And
                                                                          because the brain controls the body . . . the activities we perform are limited to those which produce the results mirroring that self-
                                                                         perception. Our brain isn't able to update information automatically so it isn't wired to support the goals of today unless they are aligned with the belief systems already in place. In order to change long-term behaviors,  we need to manually change the internal programming of the brain.  That's the science of success.

Want to learn how the brain impacts your business?  Invite me to present a mindset workshop to your team or group. I'll share the science based research which explains why some individuals can't seem to get themselves unstuck or able to move to the next level and provide you the experience of my unique transformation techniques.

Popular Workshop Topics:

  • The Bridge Between Average & Awesome is Mindset
  • Crush Your Own Glass Ceiling
  • How to Eliminate Fear so you can Fly
  • From Procrastination to Action 

Workshops are presented based on your specific needs and range from 30 minutes, for educational purposes only, or up to three hours if you want to include a group transformation session. Fees are based on program length and number of attendees. For more information, please contact Michele Burghardt at 636.209.4749.​

*As part of our community involvement, The Savvy Mind provides free 30 minute educational workshops for not-for-profit organizations located in the St. Louis, Mo area who are hosting non-fee based events. For more information, please feel free to contact Michele.                                                                      


Mindset Workshops

Why is Business Always Personal?